​OUTBLINKER are a Glasgow-based quintet, composing and performing music that combines the worlds of electronic dance and thrashing post-rock. They released their first EP titled "Pink/Blue" in the Summer of 2015, proceeded by a European Tour. 2016 sees the release of their second EP "The Remains of Walter Peck" and their first full length LP funded by Creative Scotland, and produced by the enigmatic Ben Power (Fuck Buttons, Blanck Mass).

"This is slick, modern kraut for an uneasy Britain, and it doesn't need words to say so – the music speaks for itself." - The Skinny




bpqd is Graham Costello's solo project of experimental Electro Acoustic compositions exploring the world of soundscapes and atmospheric music.


Graham Costello's STRATA

Featuring some of Scotland’s finest young jazz musicians, Graham Costello’s STRATA bring the world of Reich-inspired minimalism together with the noisier direction of bands like Zu and The Thing to form a sound that ranges from delicate and meditative to more unhinged, and high energy. With emphasis on polyrhythm, cyclic form, improvisation, and collective groove, STRATA puts musical interplay and chemistry above all else.

“Such a hypnotic and compelling sound…intricate polyrhythms delivered with absolute precision" - BBC Radio Scotland

Wild and freely improvisational, brothers Jason and Graham Costello form a duo who play a bombastic apocalyptic game of musical cat and mouse, throwing big snarling riffs and loops at wailing crashes and frantically intricate snare patterns. A scene from Super Street Fighter II. A riffs and rhythms arms race.  

"The guys' sound has a fullness to it and a vitality and energy that most five-piece rock bands would struggle to match on their best day, though for how disjointed and mentally damaging their work can ostensibly seem, the brothers Costello are pure artists." - New Hellfire Club

GRAHAMCOSTELLOvs. is a project created by Costello experimenting with the environment of playing and writing music within three separate guitar/drum duos. Featuring the sounds of Kenny Bates (Bianca), Bruce Wallace (Super Adventure Club, Gastric Band), and brother Jason Costello (OUTBLINKER, Young Philadelphia), 30+ minutes of music was written exploring the different sounds and textures that each artist brought, with the drumming of Costello acting as a constant throughout.